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Positive parenting class:
Six two-hour sessions that promote parenting that is kind and firm, a close parent-child relationship, and healthy child adjustment.  This course is available to individuals, couples, and groups. 

Parent consultation:
Increase confidence and reduce worries.  Discuss your unique parenting challenges with a professional in a safe and supportive environment.  Receive feedback and generate new strategies for redirecting difficult situations.

Parent coaching:
Receive feedback and coaching that is based on real-life observation of you and your children in your natural environment. Receive guidance and support as you implement new strategies to improve your parenting and discover a more harmonious home-life.

Coparenting course:
Need some help in navigating the challenging waters of parenting following divorce or separation?  We offer six two-hour sessions on a variety of relevant topics including the impact of divorce/separation on children, how to keep your children out of the middle, disengage from conflict, improve communication, and successfully transition from an intimate to a business-type relationship.   

Coparenting therapy:
Resolve coparenting challenges in a safe and neutral setting.  Move beyond impasses and learn how to coparent in a respectful manner.  Protect the health and well-being of your children and your own peace of mind.

Visitation reluctance therapy:
Work through parent-child relationship problems that are interfering with a child’s desire to spend time with his or her parent.  Participate in therapy that seeks to facilitate relational repair and increase parent-child connection.

Individual, couples, and family therapy:
A safe place to work through the ups and downs of life and to find your way back to hope, healing, and new life.  Therapeutic services are available for children, teens, adults, couples, and families.