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Level A: The Caring Parent Positive Parenting Class
  • A tool-based approach that actually works in real-life parenting situations
  • Relevant teaching that goes straight to the heart of parenting challenges such as bedtime hassles, sibling conflict, and power struggles over homework and chores
  • Hands-on learning opportunities that can be applied to parenting children of all ages
  • The opportunity to create a clear plan for improving your parenting
  • Classes consist of six two-hour sessions for individuals, couples, or groups
  • Receive a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the course

Level B: Consultation
  • Talk through the specifics of your particular parenting challenge
  • Experience a safe and supportive environment to explore your questions and concerns
  • Explore child traits, parent traits, and environmental factors that may be impacting your home life
  • Come up with some new creative strategies for parenting in a difficult situation

Level C: In-home Parent Coaching
  • Real-life observation of you and your children in your natural environment
  • Professional feedback that is based on first-hand experience of your family
  • Implement new strategies with guidance and support
  • Process parenting experiences observed during parenting time in separate feedback sessions